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Shiji Payment Solutions

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Secure Payments for Hotels & Restaurants

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Shiji Payment Solutions is a modern, flexible, truly global platform for payment processing and data switching, which uses an open API strategy. The Shiji Payment Platform is tightly integrated with all existing Shiji front-end management systems
and business applications, resulting in more efficient workflows and more powerful, flexible business operations.

Customers can activate a wide range of local, regional and international payment services, including Card present/not present, eCommerce and Tokenization. Furthermore customers can subscribe to a variety of channels services available on the platform with minimal effort, including card Payments, disruptive walltes and value-added services (loyality, gift, DCC). 
The modular structure of the solution allows fro easy addition of new Business Systems, Payment devices plaus Paymentsacquirer and processor interfaces.

With over a decade in the Payments Industry, Shiji has collaborated with banks and merchants of all kinds to provide cutting-edge, scalable, and secure payment solutions. The technology is deployed globally with R&D resources around the world in Shiji offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to further enhance  solutions and localize functionalities and features.

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3D Secure


Payment processor

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Chargeback management

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Electronic invoice with payment link

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Multicurrency Settlements

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Partial Refunds

Pay by Link

Recurring Payments

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Apple Pay

Google Pay

American Express

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