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Intelligent staff planning and payroll management solution for hotels & restaurants

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Skello is a specialised intelligent planning and payroll management tool for restaurants and hotels. It allows you to:

- Create the weekly schedule in minutes thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. The tool automatically takes into account all your rules & constraints (collective agreement, availability, types of contracts of your employees ...) in order to offer you the best planning for your property.

- Prepare the payroll in 1 click. All schedules are automatically translated taking intro account variables: Overtime, absences, holidays, down payments, premiums (bonuses) ... All your history is available on Skello. Each month, your variable payroll items are exported automatically.

- Communicate with your teams in a simple way: Requests for replacement, leave or unavailability? All requests from your employees are taken into account on Skello automatically. Additionally, you can communicate with your staff from the tool.

- Track the presence of your employees: On arrival, your employees indicate their presence from the tablet. With a few clicks, you access the data and check hours spent on property.

- Track your KPIs in real time: Total payroll, productivity, staff ratio. From your dashboard, analyse your business and compare data from all your points of sale.

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