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STAYmyway (formerly Lockup)

Murcia, Spain

Between 11 and 50


Your Key to a Better Guest Experience!

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STAYmyway is an access control and management system for hotels. Its novelty for innovation is that guests are able to access their rooms via mobile key technology using only their smartphones!

Mobile key has proven to be the largest driver to a hotel's mobile app download and retention, and STAYmyway is the most cost-effective, easiest to roll-out approach to your properties deployment and guest adoption.

STAYmyway Bluetooth functionality works in parallel to your existing lock systems, or RFID can be activated to fully replace the existing lock system in conjunction with the STAYmyway Cloud platform.

Our solution helps drive guest engagement by integrating to your property's already existing app or providing your hotel with our cost-effective, turn-key app! STAYMYWAY is the most cost-effective, secure and easy-to-implement mobile key solution to enhance your brand's loyalty and guest's satisfaction.

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