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Webseiten Content Management

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This product is sold with Busy Rooms IBE, Busy Rooms CRS

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The Busy Rooms CMS is an open source-based tool which we further developed especially for the hospitality industry. It is the powerhouse used to design and implement both template and customized mobile first websites.

Deeply integrated into the other Busy Rooms Solutions, it’s easy navigation allows Users to quickly maintain and update webpages. Content and sale information from the various components of Busy Rooms are automatically reported to the CMS, spearing the need of having to keep the website in sync.

Due to its deep integration with our API gateways not only internal system can benefit from easy updates but we can also communicate with other third party solution tech stack solutions in use by our Customers. Once implemented, this save any User a substantial amount of time and effort wasted by entering content into multiple systems.

Departments in your organization that will benefit from this module:

  • Marketing
  • Design Agency
  • Social Media responsible


  • Open Source – kept up-to-date by many
  • Specific focus on accommodation providers
  • Exchanges data with other Busy Rooms Systems
  • Easy, template based set up with lots of options
  • Ultimate customization flexibility going as far as redesigning the entire booking engine
  • Online marketing ready
  • Lots of tools available from the open source community

Software languages:


Online Content Management
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Description management

Image management

Video management

Ratecodes mapping

Distribution to online channels

Secured media library

Workflow & approval engine

Automated image gallery for your website

Flexible user rights & restrictions by employee

Multi-property management

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Content management system (CMS)

Custom/bespoke design

Design templates available

Multi-lingual (guest facing)

Mobile friendly / responsive


one time fee
60.0 € minimum price
Contract length: 2+ years
Setup fee


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

Languages spoken by support

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