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igumbi Wisdom (Revenue Management)

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Hotel Yield-Management & Revenue Management: Dynamische Preise. Auslastung mit Levelpreisen erhöhen: Mehr Umsatz — Mehr Gewinn

This product is sold with igumbi Starter (PMS), igumbi Seller (IBE)

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What is yield management?

Do you want to increase occupancy and turnover in your hotel with a clever pricing and sales strategy? Best of all with an integrated solution that implements this for you day in, day out in the booking portals?

With igumbi you get a web-based hotel revenue management system tailored to the needs of medium & small hotels. The dynamic prices are displayed to the booking portals per arrival day with the help of a connected channel manager. The igumbi IBE / online booking tool accesses the same dynamic hotel prices.

Such systems, also known as yield management systems, have been used by airlines for years and make a significant contribution to their success. Integrating dynamic prices directly from the hotel software into the booking portals and into the online booking tool is a new and extremely successful approach to sustainably increase turnover and profit.

Advantages of yield management levellogic and nesting at a glance

  • Less effort for the administration of room allocation
  • Higher priced rooms and prices are always available - even if lower prices are offered.
  • With demand forecasts you have a powerful tool to make your decisions.
  • Maximize sellable rooms and occupancy options
  • A yield management system and hotel software from one source - no interface problems or complicated Excel yielding workflows

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Revenue Management System
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Dynamic Pricing

Price sensitivity modeling

Autopilot (fully automated rate change)

"What-if" scenario analysis

Guided workflows

Channel management module

KPI dashboard

Mobile access

Custom reporting

Flexible user rights & roles

Occupancy forecast

Feed manager (news, events, weather)

365 days rate decision

Pricing rules

Price recommendation per room type


per room/month
33.0 € minimum price
Contract length: Non-binding
Free trial, Setup fee
What's included?

Der Preisplan Wisdom enthält alle Funktionen der Pakete Starter und Seller:

  • Reservierungen anlegen
  • Belegungsplan/ Zimmerplan 
  • Rechnungen erstellen
  • Umsatz & Herkunftsstatistik
  • Rechnungsdaten Download
  • Online Buchungstool/ IBE
  • Online Anfrage Historie
  • Elektronisches Gästeblatt
  • E-Mail Vorlagenservice

Hinzu kommen folgende Funktionen:

  • Level Steuerung & Nesting 
  • Nachfrageprognosen 
  • Saisonen & Wochentage
  • Animierte Wochenstatistik
  • Channelmanager Anbindung


Dedicated account manager

Phone support business hours

On property support

Live chat for support

Ticketing system

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