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Work orders, content management and activity analytics all in one solution

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The core of INTELITY Staff lies in the Ticketing solution to provide your management and staff with a central location to manage, track, and dispatch guest requests, work orders, and preventative maintenance.

Resolve guest complaints in real-time with INTELITY’s Service Recovery feature. This portion of the Ticketing solution allows staff members to log guest complaints in the INTELITY Staff platform and track the steps taken to recover the service. By using the Preventative Maintenance feature, you can ensure your equipment remains in excellent condition and significantly reduce operational costs by avoiding unexpected maintenance. Streamline your day-to-day operations with the Work Order Checklists feature. Part of our Ticketing solution, this feature can improve your operational consistency and dramatically reduce the number of potential errors in multi-step work orders.

The Boutique solution will let you create a customized storefront where you can easily manage your inventory and set product availability with the INTELITY Boutique App solution. Featured on your Mobile Guest App and In-Room Tablets, the Boutique solution can be used to sell products from your spa, art pieces on display at your property, or customized merchandise. Guest orders are easily managed and tracked within our INTELITY Staff platform.

The INTELITY Staff platform includes a special Content Management solution that allows you and your team to control the content hosted on your Mobile App, Web App, and In-Room Tablet.

The Device Management solution ensures you’ll never have to disturb your guests to check on the status of an In-Room Tablet.

  • Monitor In-Room Tablet health
  • Automate software installations and updates
  • Make sure In-Room Tablets are online

Finally, the INTELITY Staff records Business Intelligence data and analytics in real time so you’ll always know what’s happening on your property.

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