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SpaSoft (Springer-Miller)




All-in-one spa & activity management system

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SpaSoft was developed specifically to suit the unique needs of the spa industry, SpaSoft Spa Management Software is a user-friendly system that facilitates total spa and activity management.

With SpaSoft you will have the ability to schedule any number of activities, for any number of guests, over any period of time, simultaneously. With our Visual Book, you simply add, edit or delete reservations. The Visual Book displays color-coded appointments enabling you to view them by provider, facility or equipment. It also helps your staff recognize repeat guests immediately.

With easy access to activities, providers and guest profiles, SpaSoft functions include appointment audit logs, a standard library of guest itineraries which may be printed, faxed or e-mailed, and management privileges to limit functionality for certain staff members.

You will also be able to choose from multiples modules such as a specialised online spa booking engine for your website, dynamic pricing capabilities and more.

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