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Engage the modern hotel guest throughout their journey to deliver a world-class experience.

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Send special offers or announcements to a subset of your guests using the Loop broadcasting feature. Ideal for sending notices to specialized groups, you can choose the timing, channel, message, and audience – all from the unified Loop.

Obtain valuable feedback from your customers across a variety of channels including kiosks, native App’s, tablets, websites, and social messaging channels. With Loop, you can measure real-time sentiment across multiple stages in the guest journey, in real-time.

Automatically send invitations and reminders at any point in the guest journey. Whether you welcome them on-site or simply thank them for staying with you, you can send personalized messages at the most ideal moment to enhance the experience.

Instant alerts and feedback routing allows you to identify at-risk guests, assign the right team members, and recover in real-time. Guest issues can then be heard and resolved in real-time, before they reach social channels or review sites, increasing return visits and improving online ratings.

Intelligently route requests to relevant team members, so they can quickly respond to a guest’s needs. With simple integration to your Service Optimization Solution, you can bypass the need for an operator and have requests sent directly to the right team to fulfill seamlessly.

By analyzing every message, its source, time to respond, and overall guest sentiment, you can gain real-time insights on a variety of different criteria. As a result, you can understand what is enhancing and hindering the customer experience while strategically improving operations.

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