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Cogifor Concierge Organizer




The ultimate software for managing a Hotel Concierge service

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Your Dashboard presents at a glance the essential information of the day, in the form of customizable widgets, linked to specific functions of Concierge Organizer, clients arriving today, meeting-rooms occupancy, internal messaging … or external sources such as news, weather reports, sports results, exchange rates, or converters of distances or temperatures, etc.

Your Agenda, the heart of Concierge Organizer, presents a state of the different reservations, ticketing, restaurants, transportation or services that you confirmed on behalf of your customers. It also offers an easy way to follow-up with your daily instructions for your current and future customers, now enriched with a warning system and a checklist of daily, weekly or monthly tasks as you will set them up.

Concierge Organizer will assist you in preparing your customers future stays and help you building in a few clicks their full itinerary, allowing fast and effective communication with them. Access the history of their previous stays, generate or modify in seconds a neat and elegant correspondence that will give a very professional image of the quality of service you are able to deliver to the client.

Concierge Organizer gives you the ability to create or import a powerful and comprehensive Directory, to manage simultaneous research within your own datas and through your selected seach engine. Use keywords, make multiple selections, or generate custom lists for your clients. The « Events » module allows you to store temporary information such as exhibitions or concerts etc.

Save any information that may be helpful to better serve your customer and prepare a next visit: a Frequent Flyer number with a favorite airline, the references of a membership card for rental car, a usual table in a restaurant and a food allergy to notify at each booking, preferred newspapers or dedicated babysitter. Also, Concierge Organizer will keep track of all arrangements booked during previous stays.

Your different log books are also available to record deliveries, registered or express mail sent or received, or items left « to be called for » and their storage location. While the Deliveries feature will allow you to manage DND situations, the express mail can be linked to the different providers websites for a better follow up, but it is also possible to follow the activity of incoming and outgoing baggage or lost and found items.

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