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e-GDS Booking Engine

Increase your direct bookings with the ultimate solutions of online booking reservation system for your hotel’s website

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The innovative technology of e-GDS Booking Engines (B2C and B2B) results on the most flexible and easy-to-use reservation and distribution solution, with multi-product, cross-selling, multi-service, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-hotel features! A truly Dynamic Package System!

With easy booking processes - to reduce the potential guests giving up and enhance the conversion of "lookers" into "bookers" - these Booking Engines are developed according to the latest trends in usability and "guest experience" and are also optimized for bookings in Mobiles and Tablets.

Completely Web-Based these booking engines don’t require any hardware or installation and is very easy to implement.

As hotel user, you can manage all your commercial policy on a simple and user-friendly control center: a simple administration module that allows you to manage general details, room categories and products, prices, restrictions and availabilities, company rates and promotion codes, etc.

The e-GDS Booking Engine solutions are prepared to all the hospitality industries type of business, such as Hotels (independent units and hotel groups), Hostels and Apartment Units.

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