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GIATA Hotel Dashboard

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One platform, many tailored solutions for the global hotel industry

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Images and information all in one central location

The GIATA HOTEL DASHBOARD is a central, cloud-based multilingual platform where you can upload and manage all your hotel images and facts in up to 24 languages. Avoid time-consuming, repetitive workflows – using your personalised dashboard, you can now distribute your up-to-date images and facts to 21,500 GIATA clients in 74 countries with just one click. Using a bespoke link you can provide your hotel content to all your distribution partners and channels, including your own web site (independently from GIATA)


My distribution network – current and potential

Have you always wanted to know which channels you are being sold through and where your bookings come from? With this module we can show you which travel providers are offering your hotel – and who you should speak with to further increase your turnover.


How will I be presented – analogue & digital

Would you like to know how you are presented in comparison to your competitors both in analogue catalogues and digitally on the most important websites? We will show you how and with which images, facts and descriptions you and your competitors are being marketed globally. Whether it is an OTA, DMC, tour operator, bed bank or other sales channel. We will show you how the world sees your property.

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