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Digitise the recruiting of your hospitality business

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hocaboo is offering you 5 digital recruiting tools in one easy-to-use platform!

Just like on any other job board, your job ads are posted on the website where people can easily access them, learn about your company and apply in only a few clicks - via Web or by using the free App! In addition, you benefit from hocaboo's SEO and Content Marketing Campaigns for all jobs that are active on the platform.

In times where passive applications are in a steady decrease, you will have a tool to help you reach out to thousands of talents by proactively approaching them through the platform. Optimized by AI and smart algorithms, hocaboo give you predictions about matching probabilities for each candidate you meet on hocaboo with shortlisted recommendations for each of you job ads.

Thanks to the frictionless integration of Facebook and Instagram into the platform, you are able to gain maximum reach for each of your job ads and every penny spent will be going into marketing for your brand only. Hocaboo makes sure to put your jobs in front of the highest amount of relevant candidates in the shortest amount of time - for a budget and runtime you are free to choose according to your needs.

All your applications in one place - no matter what channel they came from. Store all your applicants data 100% GDPR compliant, share access across your teams and departments and track the status of your recruiting process by applying labels and notes to share with your colleagues.

You will also be to put your company's brand on job offers.

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