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Managed Inteface Service

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Our Managed Interface Services unlock the potential of your applications with the right connections to expand your market reach and competitiveness

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Managed Interface Service - a cloud-based system that combines the flexibility and ease of integration platforms with the tailored and individually owned benefits of open APIs.

Opportunity - We blend the advantages of direct connections and Integration Platforms. Filling that gap between the direct connect space and the integration platform space.

  • Benefit from a necessary but distracting part of a tech infrastructure

  • Allow your team to focus on the functionality of your core technology

  • Avoid disqualifications with key commercial partners

  • Gain peace of mind with ongoing support and maintenance

  • Access the data you need from the interconnecting system

  • Don’t allow your interfaces to impact your reputation and commercial viability 

  • Own the Intellectual Property (IP) of the interface

We can integrate any and all hospitality software from CRMs to PMSs to RMSs and even door-locking systems and other IoT technologies. Sciant has completed integrations with over 100 industry platforms in the last three years, from PMS to payment systems to channel managers and GDS. Plus with hundreds of hotels already on board, the service is established and rapidly growing.

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