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Reservation Assistant (TAC)

Spa & Activity Software is tailored to the needs of modern day spas, resorts, golf clubs or health resorts

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the TAC software is specialized in the reservation of various resources and supports you in managing and organizing your offer.

  • Spa Reservation: Manage all reservations, including staffing and rooms. View upcoming treatments, drag-and-drop items, cancel bookings and update guest information.
  • Activity Reservation: The software handles various resources, such as tennis lessons, hair dressing appointments, bicycle rentals or even horse riding lessons. All activities will be managed on one platform.
  • Group functionality: Guests, who travel together, can be grouped in the software and billed collectively.
  • Course Reservation: Manage all your courses and directly book participants in these classes. Also, multi-day courses can be easily managed. Guests can register for courses online or via Kiosk.
  • Packages: With only a few clicks you can easily create attractive packages or book couples reservations.
  • Rental Management: Monitor which equipment is currently being rented. The return of rented goods can be managed via deposit or exit control.
  • Staff Scheduling: The TAC software supports the creation of work plans with various templates and functions. You define vacation, time compensation and breaks for your employees exactly as desired. Colored entries in the shift schedule and a graphical daily schedule provide information on planned working times at a glance.
  • Shift Scheduling: The software helps you assign shift schedules and automatically suggests employees according to their availability when booking services.

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