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  • Conversion & Personnalisation (The Hotels Network)
    2 mois gratuits
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    The Hotels Network propose un écosystème de solutions qui augmentent le taux de conversion de votre site web. En ajoutant des widgets au site web et au moteur de réservation de l'hôtel, la solution optimise l’ex
  • Profitroom Booking Engine
    1 mois gratuit
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    Profitroom Booking® Engine is a booking system that guarantees an increase in direct bookings. It makes it possible for rooms, offers, and packages to be sold directly through the hotel’s websites. You will enjoy its intuitive, responsive
  • Profitroom Channel Manager
    1 mois grauit
    Basé sur 2 avis vérifiés
    Profitroom® Channel Manager is a tool that allows you to manage prices and availability of rooms in direct sales channel as well as on all booking portals, such as Booking.com, Expedia, HRS and many others. You’ll appreciate the interface
  • Profitroom Websites
    1 mois gratuit
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    Your website is not only a beautiful business card that attracts guests. It is also fundamental for your direct booking strategy and serves as an online booking system, which should be effective and simple at the same time. The website must balance
  • Profitroom CRM
    1 mois gratuit
    Profitroom® CRM is an effective marketing and sales platform that supports hotel at all stages of acquiring guests, significantly increasing the number of direct bookings. You will be surprised by its indispensability. With Profi
  • 4Suites
    1 mois gratuit
    4Suites offre une solution unique de clé mobile sans téléchargement d'application et entièrement automatisée pour les hôtels. Les clés mobiles peuvent simplifier les opérations h&
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