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Offering hoteliers a tool to make informed purchasing decisions

Leverage your customers’ voice to convince prospects

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Word of mouth, your new sales team member

Word of mouth and reviews are becoming increasingly important in the software purchasing process. Hotelhero empowers you towards that by providing you with tools to show prospects what other hotels use your solution and what their saying about it.

Transparency builds trust

The best way to get prospects engaged is full transparency. Pricing, product screenshots, references, integrations. The more you give, the more leads you generate. That is why you will be able to put it all in a consolidated profile to make sure prospects do not have to browse around.

Education increases credibility

Give, give & take is part of the trick. It has been proven that companies with high educational content have an easier time converting prospects. With Hotelhero, you will have free channel to promote your thought leadership and educational pieces, to make sure prospects know who you are.

Hoteliers are multilingual but they like native

The european market is fragmented and hard to reach. We don’t just partner up with local associations but also offer our platform in your prospects’ languages, English, French & German with others coming soon.

Streamlining your sales pipeline

By connecting to your CRM, we will send you all qualified leads (and their info) directly.

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